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Promoting the spirit of entrepreneurship through Innovation, Incubation and Inspiring Events.

About Us

It is often said that "science of today is technology of tomorrow". And we, ACIIE, DAVV are determined to achieve this very goal. Entrepreneurs with a technical background like our students have an amazing capability to innovate both on the technical and business fronts. ACIIE, DAVV aims at fostering such capability and provides all possible support to convert their dreams and aspirations into reality. We are here to support the aspiring entrepreneurs of the future and also to drive-in the real sense of ‘entrepreneurship’ in those, who are new to this entrancing word.


To be a front runner in knowledge based, innovation driven technology development, prototyping and entrepreneurship encompassing interdisciplinary approaches.

ACIIE Supports

The three main pillars of ACIIE are as follows:

Incubation Centre

The incubation centre is the umbrella under which the faculty and the students work together adeptly to proliferate ACIIE’s mission in our institutes. It administers all the events that are organized under ACIIE and provide hands-on-experience in innovation and entrepreneurship by mentoring and nurturing startups to grow in their early stages.

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Institute's Innovation Council

IIC is an initiative of MoE's Innovation Cell (MIC) in a joint effort with AICTE for Higher Educational Institutions (HEIs) to deliberately encourage the development and start-up environment in training establishments. It has emerged as a very sustainable and scalable model for promoting innovation within HEIs and is having impactful contribution towards India's Innovation and Start-Ups.

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Student Club: E-Cell

Entrepreneurship cell is the student body of ACIIE that works hand in hand with the Incubation Centre and Institute's Inovation Council. Every year some talented and great minds of IET-DAVV are recruited even from the obscurest corner with the mindset and belief to strengthen and boost the E-Cell team's performance.

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Our Recent Activities


Prerna Start-up Conclave

Start-ups which originated from DAVV, were invited at Prerna'21 to share their startup journey and ignite and motivate the future entrepreneurs to pursue their dreams from college life itself. It was a huge success with over 450 online attendees.


Freshman Orientation 2020
(by Mr. Umesh Rathod)


Mr. Umesh Rathod, an Entrepreneur with more than 10 years of experience in the field, guided the students on the topic "The joy of problem solving". The event ignited, inspired and motivated students to pursue entrepreneurship and develop key life skills.



FEB 2020

E-Cell Team of IET-DAVV secured Top-5 finish in NEC hosted by IIT Bombay annually, to secure a place at E-Summit IIT Bombay for the second consecutive year. This proved to be a huge learning experience for all the budding entrepreneurs.


Start-up Pitching Competition 2019

To provide a platform for the young minds to convert their idea into reality a Start-up Pitching Completion was held where more than 10 start-ups participated and 2 of them were approved and incubated.


Business Model Workshop

A session where the minute details of building a business model was conducted with hands-on training and experience, by E-Cell President Sourabh Yadav. This workshop proved really beneficial for all the E-Cell members.


Freshman Orientation 2019
(by Mr. Raj Shamani)

SEPT 2019

Mr. Raj Shamani, one of the best Influencers, Keynote Speaker and Entrepreneur, shared his journey and experience with the freshers of IET-DAVV. An event which is still afresh in minds of young enterpreneurs.

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ACIIE Working Committee

Our dedicated and experienced team of ACIIE committee members.